Monday, June 23, 2014

The world's most expensive city is ...

The world's most expensive city is ...

If there's any truth in the old saw that London's streets are paved with gold, it's probably because they've been gilded by cash stripped from the pockets of tourists.

It won't surprise anyone who's seen their budget evaporate seconds after exiting their over-priced hotel, but the English metropolis has been named the world's priciest city break destination.

Review site TripAdvisor compared prices in 48 leading tourist destinations to conclude that London has overtaken Oslo as the world capital of the inadvertent splurge.

According to the site's annual TripIndex Cities study, seven of the world's 10 most expensive destinations are in Europe. 

Asia fields the majority of the list's most affordable cities for a holiday.

The list says an evening out and overnight stay in a four-star hotel in London will relieve visitors of $523 -- more than three times the cost of the same break in Hanoi, which is named as best value.

Travelers to Paris should be warned against working up too much of thirst while pounding its boulevards -- the city is identified as the priciest place for pre-dinner cocktails.

Two dry martinis there set drinkers back an average $52.

Even then the cocktails will probably be watered down by the salty tears of whoever's footing the bill.

TripAdvisor's research reveals Stockholm is the costliest place for an evening meal.

For the same money in Hanoi visitors can can pay for a four-star hotel, cab fare, cocktails, dinner for two and still have enough change to call Sweden and gloat.

New York tops the list for expensive hotels for the second year running, with a night in a four-star hotel costing an average of $365 -- four times the price of the same deal in Bangkok.

While Oslo may have lost out to London in the overall list, the Norwegian city still rules when it comes to taxi fares.

In Jakarta, the cheapest city, the same journey can be made for less than $3.

Here's TripAdvisor's top 10 of most expensive cities: London, Paris, New York, Stockholm, Oslo, Zurich, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Toronto, Sydney. 




Here are the site's best value destinations: Hanoi, Jakarta, Sharm el Sheikh, Bangkok, Sofia, Cape Town, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Prague, Budapest. 



Thursday, June 19, 2014

Let Us Pray For Her ~ Victoria ~

A KFC Kicked Out Because Of Her Appearance

A family, including a 3 year old girl, went to a KFC restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi to have lunch last week. The family ordered her a large sweet tea and some mashed potatoes after the treatment from hospital.
However, some customers complained that the girl was frightening them and the restaurant asked her and her family to leave.
See, the 3 year old girl, Victoria Wilcher, survived a pit bull attack at her grandmother’s house in April and she was still scarred from the attack. She suffered numerous scars and injuries in that attack and she was still on a feeding tube when the family went into KFC.

Let's give Victoria a pray, and we continue to grow stronger physically and mentally love and support to her and her family.Be Strong! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Xiao MI-3 super duper cheapest smartphone!!

What does the term “Xiaomi” actually mean? For those of us vaguely competent in the language of Mandarin Chinese, the name “Xiaomi” literally translates into “little grain of rice”. But don’t worry, the Xiaomi MI-3 has absolutely nothing to do with rice (duh!).
The Xiaomi MI-3 is in fact the latest smartphone to burst its way into the growing Malaysian market via Beijing based tech company Xiaomi Inc. The smartphone debuted on May 20th via Xiaomi’s Malaysian website for a price of only RM889. (Update!! as of June 17th, the price has been pushed down to RM769)
 Xiaomi MI-3 is a super cheap high-spec smartphone… wow..
Here are the highlighted features and specs of the Xiaomi MI-3:
  • 5 inch 1080p high definition LCD touchscreen
  • Snapdragon 800 2.3 GHz processor with 2GB RAM
  • Android v4.3. operating system
  • 13 Megapixel dual-LED camera
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi Connection (Up to 5Ghz)
  • up to 500 hours battery life with 3,050 mAh lithium ion battery
  • Thermal Graphite coated frame (won’t stop a bullet, but it looks good)
Just spent less than RM1K ...why not?act fast...grab one for yourself 

What!! This is WATCH??

Most popular watch in the world 
Harry Winston launched The Opus Series in 2001. The Opus concept is based on the idea of creating an exception timepiece each year in partnership with on the the most gifted independent horologists.
What makes the concept unique is that the partners come together as equals and work in total symbiosis. Each Opus reflects an unprecedented journey of collaboration and innovation, resulting in a groundbreaking timepiece that neither partner could have imagined alone. 

Harry Winston Opus XIII Watch

With 59 pivoting minute hands, 11 rotating triangles to mark the hours, and a sliding trap door. Developed in collaboration Ludovic Ballouard, it also features a 44.25 mm case in 18K white gold, a sapphire-crystal display back, a 35-hour power reserve, water resistance down to 30 meters, and a hand-sewn black alligator leather strap. 

The Opus XIII will be limited edition of 130 pieces and the price will be around $300,000.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

World's Best Emotional Ad


Moschino Clutch (Shining)
Code: MC3900/036
Price: RM300
Color: Black, Gold, Champagne

Moschino Shining Tote
Code: MC13270/108
Price: RM810
Colors: Black, Gold, Champagne

Moschino Clutch (Shining)
Code: MC3900/036
Price: RM300
Color: Black, Gold, Champagne

Thursday, December 26, 2013